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A Biweekly Conversation.

The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

Thank you to County of Sonoma, Board of Supervisors - District 5 for their support.

Jun 29, 2018


Wine Road Episode 55* - What is Wine Country Casual? In this episode we have special guest Alice Briggs, owner of Rust in Sebastopol. The ladies discuss all things Wine Country Casual and what that actually means. Beth pops the cork on a 2016 Christopher Creek Viognier and Marcy shares Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen cookbook along with The Corki wine stopper. Beth and Marcy are hitting the road to the Podcast Movement at the end of July. Stay tuned for weekly episodes of this Award winning podcast beginning in July!

*We got our episode numbers a little out of order...could have been the wine in the morning...heheh


Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma County with news on events, wineries, wines, dining options, activities, and places to stay.


Wine Road

Show Notes:

  0:30 Alice Briggs, owner of Rust - Women’s Clothing Store

  1:00 Wine Country Casual

  4:20 What do I wear?   

  7:20 Sun Hats

  8:50 Wine of the Day - Christopher Creek 2016 Viognier

11:29 Book of the Day - Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen

13:05 Item of the Day- The Corki wine stopper

14:03 Podcast Movement Speakers

15:16 Big news


Alice Briggs  

Rust - Women’s Clothing Store   

Christopher Creek Winery   

Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen Cookbook  

Corki Bottle Stopper  


The Wine Road podcast is recorded, mixed, and mastered at

Threshold Studios Sebastopol, CA.