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The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

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Sep 29, 2022

Wine Road Podcast Episode 159
Sponsored by Ron Rubin Winery


Episode 159 | Lynn Fritz Owner, Lynmar Estate Winery

Lynn Fritz is living his passion and tells us about the many splendors of the Lynmar Estate, being a steward of the land, and his philosophy behind building a community around people and place. Plus he shares a bottle of the 2018 Lynmar Pinot Noir from Quail Hill Vineyard. Our Fast Five Recipe is Ahi Poke form Carole Shelton.

Wine of the Day: 2018 Lynmar Pinot Noir, Quail Hill Vineyard

Fast Five Recipe: Ahi Poke from Carol Shelton

Podcast Sponsor: Ron Rubin Winery


1:00 Wine of the Day – 2018 Lynmar Pinot Noir form Quail Hill Vineyard. A great vintage made with14 clones of Pinot. It’s Light and opulent with a dense fruity nose, and lingering finish. Like a chord!

5:22 Lynn’s philosophy on the perfect size business and the growth or (non-growth) of Lynmar which is kept at a 12-15,000 case level to keep it optimal for quality and service.

7:28 Seeking harmony in all aspects of the business and the winery food and wine program. Beth feels it’s a spiritual place at Lynmar.

9:30 Lynmar serving 4 course lunches and have expended the gardens that include the edible gardens with heirloom varieties used by the chefs for the food pairings. Carrying on the Luther Burbank torch.

13:40 Winery started after Lynn sought a peaceful getaway from San Francisco in the country and found the ideal spot in Sebastopol. Originally sold the grapes grown on the property then started making their own wine.

17:09 It’s all about community at Lynmar-- the customers and the winery personnel and the extended community of families they encompass.

19:00 Sonoma County has a certain something, a vitality and abundance that makes the area special.

20:45 Lynmar making Balsamic vinegar now for over 22 years.

22:33 Beautiful guesthouse, The Bliss house on the property for use of Wine Club members and families.

24:20 Fast Five Recipe –Ahi Poke– From Carol Shelton of Carol Shelton Wines
Ingredients: Fresh Sushi grade Ahi tuna, sesame oil, ponzu, brown sugar, ginger, (green onions, cilantro and lime)
Directions: Cube the Ahi then add sesame oil one part to two parts of ponzu mixed together with brown sugar and table spoon of minced ginger add a little squeeze of lime and scallions serve with rice crackers add avocado on the side. Enjoy with Carol Shelton Rendezvous Rose.

27:27 All winery workers are full time employees which gives Lynmar great control over harvest and are ready to go when the pick date is chosen. Makes for a calm and orderly harvest.

30:00 ONE MORE THING—Wine and Food Affair tickets are now on sale! And No Reservations needed this year!


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