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A Biweekly Conversation.

The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

Thank you to County of Sonoma, Board of Supervisors - District 5 for their support.

Nov 23, 2017

Wine Road Episode 39- What's New and Shiny Along the Wine Road In this episode Marcy and Beth talk about all the new Wine Road Members as well as new eats Along the Wine Road. Marcy gives us the Word of the Day today. Beth talks about picnicking as the new Tasting Tip and introduces us to a new lodgings member before she dives into the new winery members. Marcy makes our mouth water describing the eats in Sonoma County. They wrap up the episode discussing Marcy’s reading material of the day and item. Beth pours the Wine of the Day from K Squared Cellars while reminding us to visit Sonoma County, Winter WINEland is right around the corner.

Show Notes:

0:40    Word of the Day - Bottle shock

1:50    Lodging Highlight - Riverbelle Inn

3:15    Tasting Tips of the Day - Picnicking Along the Wine Road, just remember to leave other alcohol in the car.

4:40    New Wine Road Winery Members

6:40    New Eats in Sonoma County 

9:50    Michelin - Bib Gourmand Sonoma County

11:45  Book of the Day - Cocktail Galaxy

13:05  Item of the Day - Social Climber

13:15  Wine of the Day - K Squared 2015 Russian River Pinot

15:05  Wine Road Event - Winter WINEland



• Lodging Highlight - Riverbelle Inn

• Word of the Day - Bottle Shock 
• Tasting Tip of Day - Picnicking

Leo Steen Wines
Super Sonoman
Friedeman Wines
K Squared Cellars

Flower and Bone Restaurant 
County Bench
The Parish Cafe
ACRE Coffee and Donut 

• 2 Tread Brewery
• The Drawing Board
• The Block Petaluma

• The Brass Rabbit
• Backyard Forestville
Diavola Pizzeria

Glen Ellen Star
• Montis
Ramen Gaijin 
• Item of the Day - Social Climbers

• Wine of the Day - 2015 Russian River Pinot K Squared

Winter WINEland



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