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The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

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Oct 13, 2022

Wine Road Podcast Episode 160
Sponsored by Ron Rubin Winery

Episode 160 | Janae Franicevic, Owner and General Manager, Sunce Winery & Vineyard

Janae Franicevic from Sunce Winery and Vineyard joins us to share a bottle of Sunce 2020 Malvazia Nera with us while we learn her family and what’s happening at the winery where there are over 40 wines to choose from when you visit. Soon you will say the wines at Sunce are divine! Fast Five Recipe is Linda’s Salad from Mysty Stewart.

Wine of the Day: Sunce 2020 Malvazia Nera
Fast Five Recipe: Linda’s Salad from Mysty Stewart.
Podcast Sponsor: Ron Rubin Winery


1:00 Wine of the Day – 2020 Malvazia Nera from Sunce Winery. It’s the perfect breakfast wine.

1:45 Sunce just started their 33st consecutive harvest. Cheers to that!

3:21 Janae recently drove through Italy on a family vacation and discovered an amazing bottle of Malvazia Nera.

5:37 Janae also brought a bottle of the Sunce 2019 Montepulciano grown in Russian River Valley. Only 9 barrels made. A tribute to the grower is on the label.

6:45 Sunce means sun or sunshine in Serbo–Croatian.

9:48 Sunce is a “backyard winery” with family home there and has been a great way to raise a family.

10:49 Sunce is located on Olivet Road, which is a great place to spend the day with a variety of wineries from large to small established there.

12:50 Sunce is relaxing place to visit with outdoor seating and Bocce courts too. Tasting room closed Tuesday and Wednesday (the trend now) which gives the family some balance and time to spend on their boat off the winery “compound”.

17:24 Fast Five Recipe –Linda’s Salad– From Mysty Stewart, Wine Road PR Manger

Ingredients: 1 head butter lettuce, crumbled blue cheese, 1 chopped pear, ½ cup chopped walnuts and cranberries.

Directions: Throw all together in a bowl and use raspberry vinaigrette or poppy seed dressing. Easy peasy and delicious!

19:54 New at the winery, in addition to being closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, now charging for tasting and the experience is designed by the customer with over 40 wines to taste and evaluate. Also offering charcuterie, with advance notice.

23:25 Sunce accepts reservations but also welcomes drop-ins at the winery.

26:10 Janae and family travel to Croatia every year to husband and winemaker Frane Franicevic’s home, a small fishing village in Croatia on Hvar Island. Wine Club members have the option to stay at the apartments on Hvar.

28:06 Visiting Sunce is a relaxing experience and it’s all about you and what you want to create of the experience with your friends. It’s time to start getting out and enjoying yourself again.

29:47 ONE MORE THING—Wine and Food Affair tickets are still sale for November 5th and 6th! No Reservations needed this year! Check out The Insider Club –details on the

32:47 Soon you will say the wines at Sunce are divine!


Sunce Winery

Ron Rubin Winery

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