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May 12, 2022

Wine Road Podcast Episode 149
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Episode 149 | Dan Teldeschi, Owner F. Teldeschi Wines with Bobby Terrano

Dan Teldeschi and Bobby Terrano join us for a fun filled conversation about the wines of F.Teldeschi and how they both came to be in the wine business. Wine of the Day 2002 F.Teldeschi Petite Sirah. Fast Five recipe: Barbecued Tri Tip from Jason Robinson of Ehret Family Winery

Wine of the Day: 2002 F.Teldeschi Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley

Book of the Day: Wine: A Tasting Course from Grape to Glass by Marnie Old

Fast Five: Barbecued Tri Tip from Jason Robinson from Ehret Family Winery

Podcast Sponsor: Ron Rubin Winery



1:20 Wine of the day F. Teldeschi 2002 Petite Sirah from the home ranch. Simply gorgeous wine released in 2012. Dan’s father is on the label.

4:10 Dan grew up working in the vineyards pruning and grafting, and budding with his father and then got hired in the lab at another winery, but continued to work with his father in the vineyards and then got in to winemaking.

5:43 The F. Teldeschi winery and tasting room is in Dry Creek at intersection by the Dry Creek General Store.

7:15 Dan explains the grafting and the intricate and hard work of the budding process.

11:00 Fast Five Recipe – Barbecued Tri Tip from Jason Robinson of Ehret Family Winery

Tri Tip, and equal parts of the following: olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh chopped garlic and low sodium soy sauce. About a ¼ cup of each.

Marinate the Tri Tip overnight and set up barbecue for indirect.

Start by searing the meat over direct heat on each side then move over to the indirect part of the grill. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Then place the tri tip in a foil lined ice chest and let it sit in the “hot box” for 20 minutes to redistribute the juices in the meat. And when you cut into it it’s incredibly juicy. Pair with Ehret Family Merlot, Zinfandel, or Sauvignon Blanc!

15:00 What to expect at the winery –first call for an appointment so Dan and Bobby will be there to welcome you and take you through the wines including Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and occasionally Valdiguie, the Dorian Gray of grapes.

20:00 Expect a fun time with lots of stories when you visit the tasting room to try the
F. Teldeschi and Terranova wine. You can also try Bobby’s son’s wine under the Red Owl label. Dan is semi-retired from winemaking, but still has plenty of wine to sell.

22:15 SPECIAL OFFER Mention you heard this on the podcast and call or email the winery-- Dan is offering the 2001 and 1999 Petite Sirah at $30 a bottle (retail $60) By the case at $25, and Two cases $20 a bottle – Jump on this awesome offer! Call or email Dan and mention the Wine Road podcast to get this offer—Dan Teldeschi:
Tel 707-433-6626

24:24 New link on the Wine Road website for wines that have won Awards. Click on the link for Award Winning wines.

25:00 Dan’s wine won first place-- Best Zinfandel at the 2019 Dry Creek Vineyards event that is open exclusively to winemaker’s only. It’s super legit to be honored by your winemaking peers!

28:00 Call and go visit Dan and Bobby for a great time and some great wine. The website has all the family history and available wines.


F. Teldeschi Winery / ForYouWines

Ehret Family Wines

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